Are You Ready To Rally?


April 14, 2009

The time is here. Our moment has arrived. It’s the morning of what historians and political scientists may look back on years hence as the beginning of a new grassroots political movement that created real change. Better stated, the beginning of the restoration of the Founders’ vision, of the Constitution’s real meaning and purpose.

Are you ready to rally? Baseball season has started and the analogy is appropriate. This nation needs to make a comeback. There are 19 Tax Day Tea Parties today (click here for a Virginia list) and certainly there is one within an hour’s drive from where you live, and there are a variety of start times. Will the weather deter you? Will you stay home? Do you want to network with likeminded citizens to start a new movement?

The country and the politicians need to hear your voice and see you in action. Don’t think they will not take notice of turnout. They need to get the message that enough is enough — enough taxing, enough spending, enough borrowing and enough printing of money.

Will you send that message? Are you ready to rally?

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4 Responses to “Are You Ready To Rally?”

  1. Susannah P says:

    How will people get to the tea parties? Will they travel on LOCAL, STATE, or FEDERAL roads (paid for by TAXES) to get to the party?

    Will any of the tea parties be held in public areas like parks, county courthouses, POST OFFICES, admin buildings, or public plazas paid for in part by TAXES?

    Will the party-goers be assured of their safety through police protection paid for by TAXES?

    When driving will you stop at stoplights and stopsigns paid for by…wait for it…TAXES?

    If God forbid someone gets hurt by hot tea and sustains an injury that requires immediate attention, might they rely on local ambulance service to take them to the hospital…emergency service paid for in part by TAXES?

    Oh the irony.

  2. Carnes Knight says:

    Oh the irony? How about oh your demogoguery? No one is talking about NO TAXES, only a justifiable amount to fund the core services of govt. Is the money spent (make that PRINTED) in the porkulous bill or any of the bailouts what we should pay taxes for?

    Why don’t you go back and cuddle up on your sofa on this cold April day with your ACORN talking points.

  3. Susannah P says:

    Mr. Knight:
    Of the below (listed in my previous post), kindly tell me what you and the Tea Party gang would do without to carry our your events:
    – roads
    – traffic signage
    – police protection
    – public gathering places
    – emergency services

    Thank you. Awaiting your response.

  4. Carnes Knight says:

    You prove my point. The rallies aren’t about those core, necessary services you listed. It’s about spending on stuff the GOVERNMENT (which is defined as We, the People, btw) has no business spending on, such as bailing out auto companies, banks and AIG, all PRIVATE companies. Can’t you read? I made that clear in my first comment. Point proven, go back to your ACORN and MoveOn talking points as you practice exactly what they teach — take words out of context, invent your own meaning, and try to smear people who disagree with you by ascribing those meanings to them as if that’s wwhat they said. It can’t work here — it’s all in plain view for any of you ACORN types to see. I wrote what I wrote, NOT what you want me to write.

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