Cuccinelli Petition Goes National


March 24, 2010

Yesterday, I commented on the frivolous, harrassing and taxpayer waste of money that is Delegate David Englin’s Web site, which generates phone calls into the Attorney General’s office. It’s a poor response to the outpouring of nationwide support Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is receiving as he seeks to have the government takeover of health care ruled unconstitutional. Not only has he been interviewed and written about by several national news organizations, but there are Cuccinelli for President and support groups springing up on Facebook. There’s also a petition of support that got a big boost today when conservative guru Richard Viguerie wrote about it in his daily e-mail.

The petition — Stop The Mandate, Support Liberty Now (click here) — also was promoted on Facebook and seems to be gaining traction. It’s a great way to show support for someone who, for doing the job he is sworn to do — uphold Virginia law — is the subject of so much vitriol from the hyper left.

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14 Responses to “Cuccinelli Petition Goes National”

  1. Steve Hedrick says:


    We support the effort to have the government takeover of health care ruled unconstitutional.

  2. James Coleson says:

    Thank you General Cuccinelli for your fighting off the feds in this healthcare debacle. Jim C.

  3. Don Allman says:

    Dear Attorney General Cuccinelli,

    Thank you for having the back bone to be a leader and protect your fellow citzens of Virginia and of course America.

    I am shocked but less so for in the past 20 years the once proud democratic party has taken a anti-family, anti-American,anti-business anti-everything that made America virtuous and strong stance.

    They deserve all scorn and shame that they are bring on themselves.

  4. Gary Metzinger says:


    We all campaigned for you and helped get you elected. We are proud to see you standing firm and acting fast to stop the Federal government from taking control of every part of our lives. We’ve seen this coming for years, through big banks and big money. Now someone is pulling the strings in the highest levels of government to create enough chaos to break down our capitalist system and make everyone subservient and beholding to a federal bureaucracy. I want personal freedom and liberty to make my own choices. I don’t want to be told what I can and can’t do by a bureaucrat. Why can’t everyone see the slow simmer that is heading to a full boil? Protect our Constitution and our Christian ideals. Thank you for your service.

  5. Rickie Carter says:

    Thanks for standing up to the institutions of higher learning in Virginia by telling them that they can’t elevate homosexuality to a protected status in hiring. The fact that being gay is not genetic since the American Psychiatric
    Association has abandoned it’s 1988 stance that “being gay is genetic” should show that homosexuality is just a derailing of the sexual drive to an unfruitful end and that they should not be treated as a minority.
    Thanks for challenging the helth care bill as we. Americans do not need the government telling us how to live our lives.

  6. Catherine Brooks says:

    I stand with you and appreciate your boldness against the Federal officials.

  7. Marilyn Hall says:

    We are praying for your protection & that God will give you wisdom in fighting the Health Care Law. We’re behind you & backing you up! Thanks for your efforts. God bless you!

  8. Cindy J. Fazzino says:

    Dear Attorney General Cuccinelli,

    Moved down here for a promotion, and now I’m thinking of staying here in Virginia. I too am proud of you for having the courage to stand up to Washington. I support you fully. Can I ask one question? Will you run for President in 2012? I sure hope so, because you will certainly get my vote, matter of fact, I will help you campaign for whatever office you decide. God Bless You. Remember, The Lord doesn’t need a large number, only one that will stand up for what’s right. And I thank you for doing that, and pray the Lord watch over and protect you.
    Again, thank you so much for having the back bone.

    Cindy J. Fazzino

  9. y.s.williams says:

    Thank You G-d for sending a man to stand up!
    Thank you Attorney General Cuccinelli for standing up for what is right!
    May G-d’s Favor rest upon you!

  10. Charles Byrd says:

    AS a direct descendant of the BYRDS of Westover Plantation I applaud your stand for Virginians and our Constitution.
    Although my home is now in South Carolina my heart is still in love with Virginia-the Mother of Liberty for this nation.
    I hope the future finds you accompanied by men & women who still believe, as Virginian Patrick Henry believed, “Give me Liberty or give me death”
    Charles Monroe Byrd
    North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

  11. Paula Fyne says:

    I am so proud of our Attorney General and Governor! Thanks for your wisdom and timing in taking steps to proetect Virginia and our Constitutional rights. We are supporting you all the way!

  12. Mark Siegel says:

    You people who support the AG because of of your “Christian” ideals need to take a look at my letter to the editor. And I ask you too – would you support the return of blue laws in order to keep the Sabbath holy? If the FF and the AG choose to bring their Bible into play on social issues then they should bring it into play on ALL issues. It’s easy to invoke “Biblical principles” when it doesn’t affect stock portfolios.

    Why Not Advocate Return to Blue Laws?
    Richmond Times Dispatch Published: March 27, 2010

    Editor, Times-Dispatch: The Family Foundation has been a potent force behind much of the anti-gay posturing that takes place in the General Assembly, to wit: The 2006 marriage amendment and the blockage of SB 66, which would have protected homosexuals from workplace discrimination.
    As your editorial, “Not Special,” rightly stated, an anti-discrimination law that would protect people based on sexual orientation would protect all sexual orientations — not just homosexuals.
    The Family Foundation claims, however, that the bill was not about anti-discrimination but rather about the “forced acceptance of a lifestyle that many Virginians find antithetical to their faith.” The irony is that vilification of gays and lesbians by The Family Foundation and its national policy partner, Focus on the Family, fosters an anti-gay atmosphere that necessitates added protection.
    If The Family Foundation’s policies are rooted in Judeo-Christian principles as it claims, one has to wonder why it doesn’t advocate the return of theocracy-infused blue laws to keep the Sabbath holy as God commanded. An inconvenient truth for the religious right is that laws requiring businesses to close on Sunday would fly in the face of highly touted conservative ideals such as limited government regulation.
    It would seem that family togetherness on Sundays takes a back seat to Wall Street profiteers and that our free-market system and biblical principles are not harmonious. Is it not hypocritical to embrace a secularist approach on economic issues but shun it on social issues? When The Family Foundation invokes biblical principles only when it’s convenient, it should be viewed with skeptical eyes.

  13. Glena Coffing says:

    We appreciate your stand against the unconstitutionality of the currently passed health care bill. God bless.

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