The Score On Virginia's Congressional Delegation


May 24, 2010

In this day and age of unfathomable government largesse, and slick and sophisticated high-tech communications that allow politicians to paint themselves as anything but the people responsible for the unimaginable and crippling debt we face, it’s good to know certain reliable and principled organizations keep watch on those in Washington spending America into third-world oblivion. Just as The Family Foundation Action keeps score on state lawmakers on a range of issues, the Club For Growth keeps score on the porkers in D.C.  

It released its 2009 Congressional Scorecard last week and we peeked at how Virginia’s delegation fared. Not to well, we’re afraid. Here’s the score on Virginia’s 11 U.S. Representatives:

Bob Goodlatte, R-6th District: 99% (Rank-10)

Eric Cantor, R-7th District 92% (Rank-42)

Randy Forbes, R-4th District 81% (Rank-112)

Rob Wittman, R-1st District 80% (Rank-116)

Frank Wolf, R-10th District 72% (Rank-142) 

Glenn Nye, D-2nd District 44% (Rank-183)

Rick Boucher, D-9th District 22% (Rank-219)

Tom Perriello, D-5th District 11% (Rank-250)

Gerald Connolly, D-11th District 9% (Rank-256)

Jim Moran, D-8th District 6% (Rank-282)

Bobby Scott, 4% (Rank-297)

Senators Mark Warner (13%) and Jim Webb (10%) ranked 54th and 59th, respectively, which in the Mainstream Media qualifies them as “moderates.” What’s scary is that there are 41 U.S. senators who scored lower than Senator Webb’s 10%. It’s as frightening as the 138 who rank lower than resident Virginia radical liberal Rep. Bobby Scott — 138 U.S. representatives are worse than him! 

Change, anyone? With this crew actively participating in America’s bankruptcy, change is about all that’s left. (Click here to get the Club For Growth’s score for all 535 members of Congress, the votes on which they were scored and other methodology.)

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6 Responses to “The Score On Virginia's Congressional Delegation”

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  3. […] and new voter registration and turnout. This year, he can’t count on a repeat of that and, in a naturally conservative district (his Club For Growth voting record is decidedly liberal), there’s a renewed energy among grassroots  conservative activists. […]

  4. […] To download a PDF copy of the scorecard, click here. The scorecard details the specific votes and issues scored and provides an informative background on the 111th Congress itself, as well as other worthwhile information. We hope you take some time to look it over, especially during this crucial election season, to inform yourself on how your Congressman voted on issues important to the family, traditional values and economic and religious liberty. (Not ironically, see how similarly Virginia’s Congressional delegation fared from the Club Fo….) […]

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