A Walk For The President


July 17, 2012

So President Barack Obama doesn’t think the United States of America is a Christian nation. He cites the fact that Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and others are American citizens. True. Just as Christians and a very large number of Muslims are Israeli citizens, but Israel is a Jewish state.

America was founded, no matter how much secularists and the president want to rewrite history, on Judeo-Christian principles. Our founding documents prove it. Our Founders’ writings show it. The moral foundation of our laws confirms it. A memorial we left on the moon dramatically demonstrates it (see this great reflection from William Safire).

If President Obama, or any secularist or progressive, doubts it, they need only take a short walk from the White House to a few Washington, D.C. landmarks — and back to the White House.  Stuart Shepard from CitizenLink.com shows us the way in this short video tour of the Washington Mall.

Sign of the Cross: A walk to certain Washington memorials and back to the White House would demonstrate to the president that his assertion that America is not a Christian nation couldn’t be further from the Truth.

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9 Responses to “A Walk For The President”

  1. David Jackson says:

    Israel was explicitly founded as a Jewish state and homeland, so stated in its Declaration of Establishment.

    The US, while arguably founded on Judeo-Christian principles, was not founded as a Christian nation or homeland. It would have been very easy to state such, or to mention Christians or Jesus Christ in the founding documents. It was not done.

    The US is a nation with a lot of Christians, not a Christian nation, and your comparison with Israel is faulty.

    • CINDY INGRAM says:

      Thank you David Jackson! I am SO tired of both sides of this ridiculous banter. We are NEVER going to get anywhere as a nation as long as it continues. I have NEVER seen such – I don’t know what it is – immaturity in adults? Somebody, somewhere has got to be the voice of reason. This self-serving “alarmism” by BOTH sides is out of control. Are you up for a run David Jackson?

  2. Bob Crowell says:


  3. David Jackson says:

    Bob, there are plenty of Christian liberals. Either they’re part of the “takeover” or they’re not real Christians. Take your pick at your peril.

  4. kate says:

    Our Nation is under attack by social media and liberals claiming that the modern day world has no room for Moral stantdards. Our Lord and Savior is sad, this is not what he wanted for his people. You are lost and so mislead. I am not a Dem or a Republican…I do believe this commander in chief is an Antichrist and his time will come. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Not out of fear, out of LOVE ..raise our voices to God the almighty! Save us from the evil and the uneducated. God Bless America!!

  5. Ray Griffin says:

    The premise of this clip is flawed at best. Washington and Jefferson were both Deists and Lincoln claimed no formal religion, but admired Deist writers. The Deists while affirming a belief in God reject written documents claiming they are the “one way” or ultimate answer. They also reject miracles and can hardly be deemed Christian anymore than they can claim any other organized religion. Very disconcerting how a video like this can claim a connection to the founding fathers and Christianity.

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