Us, Them & The Media


January 10, 2013

Us . . .

One thousand pro-lifers . . . 

Them . . .

. . . about 18  pro-abortion supporters (plus a bullhorn).

Yet, the media took the 18 just as serious as the 1,000 and gave the them equal coverage, if not more. In fact, the Richmond Times-Dispatch ran only one picture — one of the protesters similar to the one above, giving the impression that there was only one event, or that the tiny event was larger than the huge event. No matter how obvious the evidence is to the contrary, nothing will ever persuade these “objective” journalists into reporting anything that will even remotely conflict with its abortion-on-demand-is-the-majority narrative — no matter how big and large the facts and evidence are, even when it’s 1,000 people standing in their midst.

To sample the coverage, check out today’s News Clips. Meanwhile, let us know what you thought of the rally and the media’s coverage. (See still more coverage here.)

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7 Responses to “Us, Them & The Media”

  1. Tricia Stall says:

    Sadly we are left with ACTIVIST Journalism in America. Five decades of indoctrination in government schools has diminished the will to protect babies as they are taught goo, zoo, you! Humanism, Secularism & Socialism, teachings in America’s schools will continue to destroy the minds of those we seek to protect in the womb. Wish those few protesters would put that bullhorn to use for school choice!
    Congratulations to all for a most successful Life event. Did anyone tape Congressman Forbes’ outstanding Judeo-Christian heritage history lesson? I need a copy!
    It was absolutely remarkable to see so many at the Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast We must stand in obedience to His Holy word. For His Story,

  2. Debbie Biggs says:

    We need to write letters to the editor and point out their lack of coverage and put the real numbers out there for people to see.

  3. Valerie says:

    The rally was a wonderful, peaceful and pleasant gathering. The speakers — Olivia, Burke, Ryan, and Victoria all did a great job! It was an honor to stand with so many who care about women and unborn boys and girls, and to be a voice for life. Let’s all stay informed and engaged during the Session so that we can continue to be a voice!

  4. phelper says:

    The language of the reporters has a negative vibe towards life and a positive one towards selfishly killing the most innocent and helpless among us. Know Jesus=know peace. No Jesus=No peace.

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