Protect Your Church Against Homosexual Activist Litigation


February 20, 2013

If same-sex marriage became legal today, would your church and pastor be protected from lawsuits brought by homosexual activists? In June, the U.S. Supreme Court may decide that homosexual marriage should be a legal right in all 50 states, a decision that would threaten the religious liberty of all who support Biblical values. However, legal experts suggest there are several ways to protect your church from possible sexual-orientation discrimination lawsuits.

Alliance Defending Freedom has published several suggestions and guidelines for what churches should add to their bylaws in order for them to protect their religious beliefs. ADF believes there are seven essential items every church should include in its bylaws, including a formal church membership policy and a statement about the church’s religious beliefs regarding marriage. For more information, click here and share this information with your pastor and church leaders and even more details are available at the link in the first paragraph.

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4 Responses to “Protect Your Church Against Homosexual Activist Litigation”

  1. marvin Ivery says:

    A homosexual professor has kicked me out of class because I said I belive homosexuality is wrong. I need help. I attend Eastern Michigan University.

    • familyfoundation says:

      Marvin: We’re very sorry to hear about your situation. We highly recommend calling Alliance Defending Freedom. It is a legal foundation that specializes is helping people discriminated against because of their religious views, especially on college campuses. You can reach ADF toll free at 800-835-5233. – Steve, The Admin

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