Where NARAL Dupes A Willing Media


July 3, 2013

Earlier this week, so-called NARAL “Pro-Choice” Virginia released a “report” claiming that pregnancy resource centers around Virginia are doing all kinds of terrible and nasty things that cause women to, gulp, choose life.

Some in the media, of course, ate it up, with unquestioning fervor.

The charges? Well, you can read some of them for yourself here (at the Washington Post). Many are the same accusations made by NARAL in another “report” it released three years ago that was so blatantly misleading it was embarrassing.

What? You didn’t hear about that report in these media stories? You mean to tell me that no one mentioned the fact that NARAL has been trying to shut down the competition for years with unfounded accusations? They didn’t report that NARAL’s previous report was pathetically biased and unscientific?


The short version is this: in 2010 NARAL did another “investigation” of PRCs that led to another “report” that led to more legislation.  They found willing dupes in Senator Ralph Northam (current Democrat candidate for lieutenant governor) and abortion apologist Delegate Charniele Herring. When the bill was debated in the Senate (when the Senate Education and Health committee was dominated by pro-abortion senators 10-5), before Senator Northam’s own subcommittee, the report was so destroyed by evidence and testimony that Northam, seeming embarrassed by having NARAL’s “evidence” eviscerated, asked for his own bill to be defeated.

So, essentially, a bill introduced by one of the most ardent abortion supporters in the General Assembly was defeated because that legislator asked for it to be defeated because the NARAL report on which it was based was so biased and unscientific even a Democrat dominated Ed and Health subcommittee rejected it.

Of course, when we release official health department documents of inspections of Virginia’s abortion centers by public health officials that find real threats to women, things like bloody equipment, bloody and unsterilized equipment, and untrained staff, the Virginia media rolls its eyes and ignores the facts.

“Hi dad” written on an ultrasound picture is cause for hysteria. Bloody equipment? Not a peep.

To respond to NARAL, I encourage you to click here to order a Choose Life license plate, some of the proceeds from which go to PRCs.

As Victoria Cobb said in her press statement this week:

The last time NARAL issued a so-called report it was profoundly flawed, unscientific and blatantly misleading. It’s hard to believe anything the group claims. Virginia’s lucrative abortion industry is watching women make a different choice than abortion and it’s eating into profits. This report by NARAL is nothing more than a pathetic attempt at scaring women.

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5 Responses to “Where NARAL Dupes A Willing Media”

  1. Robert says:

    If we make abortion illegal in Virginia, it will become a crime… not unlike murder, and we have criminal punishments for murder.
    What should the punishment be for a woman who gets an illegal abortion?

  2. god-fearer says:

    Virginia Republicans are a ‘pro-death’ party.

    In the news this week: suicide accompanied by homicide in Richmond metro family; dear week boy – just 4! – blasted through the brain with a stray bullet in a crowd enjoying fireworks; just a couple weeks ago in Richmond metro: a boy shoots another boy in a home; and similarly, before that, a boy shoots and kills his dear wee sister in their home in Albemarle County; and last year in Albemarle County, another suicide – a young person – accompanied by homicide of other family members before killing self. Death, Death, Death! Death of dear wee children! Death, upon death, upon death.

    Virginia legislators – particularly Republican legislators, and the Republican Governor and Attorney General – have made a bargain with the devil.

    They have given more and more and more privileges to gun owners and gun hobbyists – with fewer and fewer and fewer boundaries – apparently for votes and power – and the devil gives us violent death. After all, the devil is the lord of death, what would Virginia legislators expect?

    Obviously, the Republicans have not given more and more and more privileges to gun owners and gun hobbyists because they adore Constitutional rights! That is disproved since the Republicans have hatefully obliterated the rights of gay and lesbian Virginians and their families, and they tried to coerce doctors and nurses to rape women (by coercing large medical equipment into their vaginas), etc. So, clearly Virginia Republicans don’t love Constitutional rights.

    But something about that bargain with the devil was SO very tempting.

    And, DEATH is the result: by far the LARGEST AMOUNT of gun violence is SUICIDE, not homicide. BY FAR! … and many times suicide is accompanied by homicide, as in this story. As in a child in Albemarle County last year who shot and killed some family before killing self. As in the Connecticut slaughter: suicide accompanied by homicide.

    And also violent maiming and death from gun accidents. What about that dear wee boy – just 7! – who was blasted through the brain by a stray bullet here in Richmond just this week. And just weeks ago, in Chesterfield, a child shot another child in the home. And, just weeks ago, in Albemarle County, a boy shot and killed his dear wee sister in their home.

    Virginia Attorney General has not intervened with proposals for rational boundaries on gun owners and gun hobbyists. The Governor has done nothing (well, he is still admiring his pretty gifts, no doubt). The House of Delegates has done nothing.

    So, Virginia legislators have made a bargain with the devil – for the sake of power, most likely – and the devil, being the LORD OF DEATH, is making good on the bargain. DEATH! DEATH! DEATH!

    ( And we were supposed to believe that Virginia Republicans were ‘pro-life’. Funny story, that.)

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