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Yes, We Are Not All Like That


September 6, 2013

Dan Savage.  Do you recognize his name? 

If you don’t remember his name, you may remember the video of the National High School Journalism Convention on April 13, 2012 when students quietly stood up and walked out of the auditorium when their speaker ripped into the Bible calling it “b—s—-” and declaring it wrong on issues such as virginity, homosexuality, and masturbation.  Noting the mass exodus, the speaker then began taunting the students, calling them cruel names and gloating over their retreat.

That speaker was Dan Savage.

Dan Savage.  The outspoken homosexual, sex advice columnist, leader of President Obama’s anti-bullying initiative, and LGBT advocate.  He is not shy about his thoughts; rather his method of “conversion” is in-your-face, “win by attrition,” bully you into submission.  You may have heard of his “It Gets Better” YouTube video series.  It Gets Better is an attempt by Dan Savage and his partner to tell our children that it’s okay to be gay.

But Dan hasn’t stopped with our children.  His newest video project targets our churches.  Just two days ago, inspired by Dan Savage, “Not All Like That” was launched.  The video series, Not All Like That (NALT), states on its website that its purpose is to “give LGBT-affirming Christians a means of proclaiming to the world – and especially to young gay people – their belief and conviction that there is nothing anti-biblical or at all inherently sinful about being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.”

Arguing that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality, the website makes many claims as to why Christians should be supportive of homosexual behavior.  Here are but three of the many mentioned:

  • “It is important to understand that even the most fundamentalist Christian sects do not take the Bible wholly literally.”
  • “God does not ask Christians to choose between their compassion and their faith in the Bible.”
  • “Because there was no concept of gay marriage when the Bible was written, the Bible does not, and could not, address the sinfulness of homosexual acts within the context of gay marriage.”

My heart is deeply, deeply grieved by this project.  It is an attempt to split the body of Christ, an attempt to push man-defined love without truth, to set aside the authority of Scripture, to marginalize Christians who are faithfully living out God’s call on our lives, and to be honest, to use the term “Christian” to apply to those who are living in rebellion to Christ.

Dan Savage’s categorizing of real Christianity is not accurate. Let me be straightforward:  unlike what Dan Savage claims, the Bible is clear – living out homosexual behavior, like all sexual sin, is incompatible with our faith.  Dan Savage does not understand why Christians cannot just love and check truth at the door.  He doesn’t understand that we cannot because God created the institution of marriage, in the image of the Trinity and for our welfare.  To alter this God-given institution is an attempt to alter the Creator Himself.  Therefore we honor the one man, one woman marriage structure He created and by doing so, we are living out our faith.  To ask anything else of us is to deny us our ability to practice our religion.  To ask anything else of us is to ask us to deny the authority and infallibility of Scripture.

And yes, Dan, despite your website, we are not all like that – some of us still believe in Truth.

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7 Responses to “Yes, We Are Not All Like That”

  1. Erin says:

    I am one Christian who does not believe in your interpretation of the Bible. The “Body of Christ” was split long ago during The Reformation and other religious movements.You can’t blame that on the gay rights movement. You also say “God created the institution of marriage in the image of The Trinity…”. Jesus referred to God The Father as “My Father”. Obviously, Jesus was also male.Also, there are 3 persons comprising the Godhead. Does that mean polygamy could be seen as a representation of the Trinity? Your argument doesn’t hold up. My heart is greatly grieved by “Christians” such as you. You do not exude His spirit. I pray you come to an accurate understanding of The Word and find a new place for the homosexual in your heart. Peace.

    • Marshall says:

      Erin, I can only suggest that you pick up a Bible, pray that God will open your heart and mind to it’s teachings and then actually read it. I am afraid that you are the one not exuding the Spirit of God. God does love everyone no matter who or what they are, yet, even so, God also does not say “whatever, it’s all good”, God is Holy and has God’s standards of behavior which God wants us all to meet for the very best good of us all and our society. Promiscuous sex and sex outside of marriage one man-one woman marriage are NOT what God intends for us and when anyone engages in such sexual activity, they are hurting themselves and hurting the community. If you have a problem which what I have said, take it up with God, not me.

    • Winnie says:

      The head of the family is Jesus Christ
      The head of the woman is man, herego the Trinity mentioned in the article. The Word of God has remained the same through the centuries. Newer Biblical translations have purposely removed words to accommodate the world view. The huge problem with this is that God’s views haven’t changed. His Word is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. Sin and pride will continue to run rampant in the church if born-again believers continue to condone the lie that homosexuality or any sins mentioned in Romans 1 and throughout the entire Bible are washed over to assuage the person not willing to dethrone themselves and allow God to transform their mind in His likeness.

    • familyfoundation says:


      Thank you for your comment. My reference to the trinity is based off of Dr. Del Tackett’s comparison of the Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) to the family unit (father, mother, children) in his video series, “The Truth Project.” As Dr. Tackett points out, when you begin to dissect the relationship structure God has set up for each three-some, you will find striking comparisons.

      Additionally, you refer to a very important point when you speak about the need to “find a new place for the homosexual in [my] heart.” Where Christians have erred in not loving their neighbor (heterosexual, homosexual – it really doesn’t matter), we must ask for forgiveness. However, not loving our neighbor is not one and the same with condoning behavior contrary to God’s truths. Love defined in 1 Corinthians 13 states, “ Love … does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth.” We cannot claim to worship God while willfully running from the structure He has set up for the family. And when I speak of behavior contrary to God’s truths, I want to be clear that all sexual sin falls in that category – homosexuality, yes, but also adultery, sex before marriage, lust, etc. All represent a breakdown of God’s design. And in the same way I am called to love the adulterer and the cohabiter while standing firm against their actions, I am called to love the homosexual in the same manner.

      Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify.
      ~Jessica Cochrane

  2. Craig Comess says:

    People will believe what they choose to believe. Some people base their beliefs on their feelings. Other people base their beliefs on what they perceive reality is, regardless of how painful it may be. Jesus tells us to be in the second group. I’ve investigated the reliability of the Bible, and even though there are ideas in it I don’t like (hell and general consequences of sin), I believe it. Given that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins, I figure that God loves us and knows what he’s doing when he declares this or that action to be sin.

  3. Citizen Tom says:

    I am no longer surprised by what people say is in the Bible. Most don’t bother to read it. So when sinners confidently spout lies, many believe the lies.

    Not too long ago, I decided to see for myself what the Bible has to say about the practice of abortion. I ended up writing a series of posts titled: WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT ABORTION? (PART 1 => The series ended by condemning Liberal Christian churches for supporting abortion.

    As I worked my way through the series, I eventually focused on the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. These folks seek to make a Biblical case for abortion. To rebut their arguments, I referred to the Bible and pointed out the gross distortions and the outright incompetence perpetrated by their “experts.”

    So what is the point? When so many no longer read the Bible, what is there to stop Liberal Christian churches from trying to use the Bible to condone homosexual lifestyle choices? When Christian Churches can use the Bible to justify the murder of babies, what’s the chance their consciences will complain when they use the Bible to justify homosexuality.

    • familyfoundation says:

      Tom: Thank you for your comments. You pretty much summarized the whole of the problem. It’s a shame that political terms such as “liberal” even have to come into the discussion. But the perversion of basic Christian teaching was done in order to dilute the breakwater on cultural rot in order to achieve political objectives. With a distorted perception of Biblical teaching, those who wish to “transform” American society and culture can do so with a weakened resistance. – Steve, The Admin

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