Video: “Tebow Bill” Advances In House, Goes To Full Education Committee


January 24, 2014

The “Tebow Bill,” which would allow homeschooled students to try out for sports teams of the public school in which they would ordinarily attend (and which their parents’ tax dollars support), passed its first hurdle Wednesday when the House Education Sub-Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education voted to report it to the full committee by a bipartisan 6-2 vote. It now goes, most likely Monday, to the full Education Committee. The legislation is a Family Foundation priority.

The bill, HB 63, is patroned by Delegate Rob Bell (R-56, Charlottesville). It’s been dubbed the “Tebow Bill” because a Florida law with the same intent allowed former Heisman Trophy quarterback and homeschool student Tim Tebow the opportunity to play football for his local high school, where he was discovered by the University of Florida.

Below is the video of the sub-committee meeting where the bill was debated. The Virginia High School League lobbied against this bill, again, despite its own charter which prohibits such advocacy. It was joined in its opposition by the educrat establishment who fear competition and reform to public education policy.

“Tebow Bill” advances despite the tried and trite arguments by the education establishment.

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3 Responses to “Video: “Tebow Bill” Advances In House, Goes To Full Education Committee”

  1. god-fearer says:

    A GOOD THING to help home schooled youth and their families to meet academically, socially, and recreationally with public schooled youth and their families. Of course, the home schooled youth and their families MUST OBEY all the same rules and regulations of the public schools, INCLUDING NONdiscrimination, NONbullying, etc. So, any vicious racist home schooled youth (e.g. being taught a White Supremacist or race-hatred curriculum at home), any vicious homophobic home-schooled youth (e.g. being taught a religious curriculum that is full of lies and hatred against gay people), any vicious women-hating home-schooled youth (e.g. being taught a curriculum that oppresses women, considers them ‘less’ than men, treat them as reproductive brood sows, object for sexual violence, etc), and the like must conform to the ‘normal’ standards of respect for humanity. That is a good thing. Since their parents are teaching AB-normal, PER-verse, and UN-godly beliefs.

    • Megan says:

      Wow. Let’s see the list you made, homeschoolers are
      – discriminators
      – bullies
      – vicious
      – racist
      – White-supremacist
      – homophobic
      – liars
      – haters
      – women-hating
      – oppressors
      – advocates for sexual violence
      – abnormal
      – perverse
      – ungodly

      Phew! I didn’t know this was a requirement to be a homeschooler! In fact, I see these very same things in the public schools.

      Thankfully this is still America and no one has to “conform to” or “obey” your very strange way of thinking.

      So much for standing up for the minority. I guess in this case, it’s a minority you don’t agree with.

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