Family Foundation Responds To Marriage Amendment Decision (Video)


February 14, 2014


Regardless of one’s stance on marriage, the people of Virginia were disenfranchised by this ruling as our voice and our vote that amended our Constitution have been rendered meaningless by a single federal judge with the assistance of our own Attorney General.

Protecting a timeless institution for the well-being of children was the will of the overwhelming majority of Virginians and this ruling denies this important state interest as it places the desires of adults over the outcomes of children. The state has no interest in affirming the love lives of its citizens, but it does have an interest in protecting children — it’s only interest in marriage.

The timing of this decision certainly calls into question Judge Wright Allen’s objectivity. This rushed release just prior to Valentine’s reeks of political show, making her ruling less a legal argument and more a press release. It’s disappointing that a federal judge would so blatantly expose her personal political agenda at the expense of not just marriage, but our entire social fabric.


This video is from our press conference this morning regarding the federal judge’s decision to strike down Virginia’s Marriage Amendment:

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6 Responses to “Family Foundation Responds To Marriage Amendment Decision (Video)”

  1. M Mirabelle says:

    The Family Foundation and similar types of organizations are largely to blame for this development. Why?

    First, organizations such as the Family Foundation totally botched the statewide elections last year. Although they can’t make official endorsements, these organizations were key to the support and nomination of the absolutely horrifying ticket of GOP candidates last summer. With Mr Cuccinelli and Mr EW Jackson on the top of the ticket, the election was lost before it even got started. They were always on the defensive, and this isn’t simply because of media bias. It was because, in actuality, they were just plain lousy candidates. Mr Obenshain’s stronger showing proves this. As a somewhat better candidate he could do somewhat better with voters, but still not strong enough to overcome the other two total train-wrecks.

    The Family Foundation is fond of saying that “elections matter.” Where on earth was this mantra when choosing candidates and platforms and strategies last year? My recommendation is that the Family Foundation staff in charge of these endeavors should probably be fired. Look what they’ve done. TFF takes a lot of money from a lot of people with the understanding that they will be effective politically. Seems TFF has a lot of explaining to do.

    The Family Foundation and similar groups also are to blame for this because they still have not put forth any coherent legal reasons why same-sex marriage should be illegal. Over the past few weeks TFF seems to be clinging to the bizarre “Hail-Mary” idea that child rearing is the state’s only interest in marriage. Where or who came up with this is beyond comprehension, but honestly does that line of reasoning actually have any traction with anybody? Worse yet, that defense has already been shown to be a proven loser in courts all over the nation, including the Supreme Court. Doesn’t TFF have anything better than that? They’ll need to. Or they need to stop taking people’s money on the promise that they can get things done politically and legally. And again, staffing changes may be the way to go as TFF looks to move forward.

    When a pro sports team keeps getting creamed week after week after week, the organization needs to stop and evaluate the fundamentals of how they’re playing the game and start making changes in leadership and staffing. TFF is at that point now.

    TFF is an important part of the dialogue in Virginia, and what’s happening in Virginia will likely be key in what happens nationwide in the near future on this issue. It appears possible that the Family Foundation’s missteps may actually provide the rocket fuel for a series of court cases that result the US Supreme Court finding gay-marriage bans unconstitutional nationwide. In that case, the Family Foundation as currently run will wind up being gay-marriage’s best friend.

    • Megan says:

      I don’t think you understand. TFF is not responsible for winning elections, that is a candidate’s responsibility. They allow the voters to vote their conscious. I wish I could say the same of all such organizations.

      And you must have missed the fact that TFF is actually responsible for the amendment that is in question today? They did all of the hard work to make it happen, and I applaud them for it. *Just because the political winds are changing does not make the message of TFF any different, which is why they are so supported across the state, regardless of outcome.* McAuliffe himself knows the election was MUCH closer than he anticipated, which means TFF did their job. And AG Herring won by a squeaker. Hardly a loss before it began. I am proud of the Republican ticket. I am sad that solid God-fearing men are no longer considered viable candidates, as evidenced by your “lousy, horrifying, train-wrecks” comment. They used to be considered the only ones worthy.

      TFF’s position on marriage was voted on by VA’s legislature, as well as the voters of Virginia. Just because activist attorneys general and judges like to override the will of the people does not make TFF’s case any weaker. In fact, it proves that TFF is continuing to operate within the guidelines of VA’s constitution and not forcing their will on anyone. I cannot say the same for the other side. Thank you very much TFF for continuing to stand.

      • M Mirabelle says:

        Hi Megan! Thanks for your comments!

        TFF places a very high premium on winning elections. TFF is a lobbying group and lobbyists don’t play to lose. The goal of TFF is not to be merely a cheerleader for their policies but to get them passed into law. Many of their main efforts are aimed at getting specific policies and platforms enacted via candidates that support those positions. Although TFF can’t endorse any candidates by name, they most certainly and absolutely put tons of effort into getting certain candidates elected, in order to get their policies enacted into law.

        You are right that TFF was instrumental in getting the marriage ban passed. And now what have we learned? That this marriage ban has been illegal all along! Is that a job well done? Are we to commend TFF for passing an illegal constitutional amendment? And worse, this illegal amendment will probably catapult the issue up to the US Supreme Court where it will likely be found illegal for the entire nation. And you are applauding this?

        You claim that EW Jackson and Ken Cuccinelli are “solid God-fearing men.” Wow. Rev. Jackson regularly uses disparaging vocabulary and name-calling when discussing his opinions about gay men and women. Did Jesus model this behavior when talking about sinners? EW Jackson also had a long history of troubled and disturbing financial practices. Mr Cuccinelli was embroiled in the same Star Scientific scandal that has resulted in Bob McDonnell being indicted for over ten felonies. Cuccinelli had his hand in the same cookie jar. How is this “solid” and “God fearing?” McDonnel himself was supposedly a solid God-fearing man, even went to Pat Robertson’s college. Well so much for that.

        No doubt all these guys love Jesus and proportion to follow Gods ways. The problem with these guys is not what they believe, but how they behave in office. Hardly solid and God-like. Quite the opposite actually,

        Regarding the judicial process: no majority can vote away equality or any rights enshrined in the US Constitution. It is the will of the people that the US Constitution be the ultimate law of the land, and all other laws reflect its fundamental principles. That’s what is being worked out now as the marriage ban goes through lawful judicial review. It’s simply the checks-and-balances system in action. Nobody is being activist. The legal weakness of TFFs marriage ban is that it and similar bans in other states all around the country are all being struck down by federal judges with all kinds of leanings. No marriage bans have been found legally OK in any state by any federal judge.

  2. Jim Smith says:

    Wow – the press conference was as bad as the pleadings. It’s clear that Virginia’s ban on gay marriage has nothing to do with children as gay couples with children were, heretofore, excluded from marriage’s protections, and childless heterosexual couples, by choice, or not, were not excluded – and still won’t be. Furthermore, parents with children aren’t required to marry, and married parents are permitted no-fault divorce. How do any of those situations protect children? Were there an actual linkage between the ban and children, your arguments might hold water. But as evidenced by the examples above and in the plaintiff’s arguments, they don’t, and the judge saw that. Marriage equality is good for all and is the future. Get used to it, or get left behind.

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