Media Ignores “Tolerant” Democrat Congressional Candidate’s Hateful Twitter Attack On TFF


February 26, 2014

Democrat Congressional candidate Mike Dickinson today went off the rails and attacked us and TFF President Victoria Cobb via Twitter. There was no rhyme or reason. He didn’t cite any specific bill or policy we’re working on at this year’s General Assembly, only a trite, false, hateful, demonizing, inflammatory attack — and not even a good one.

The incoherent rant is full of punctuation mistakes. In the first one (the second one below) he omitted the apostrophe in “Virginias” but included one in “it’s” when he meant “its.” He could’ve used the saved character for a period at the sentence. But perhaps most offensive is that Dickenson, who’s is in the strip club business — nothing spells out respect for women more than exploiting them as strippers — calls Victoria a “grand wizard.” Again, if you’re going to insult someone, do it right: titles before names are capitalized. Besides, what’s he insinuating by using the masculine form of the word? Shouldn’t it be “Wizardess”?


Seriously, though, isn’t a man of, and on, the Left, supposed to be tolerant? Then what’s with the attack? Not even his audience was amused. Of the 10 people who replied to his two tweets, at least eight chastised the 7th district candidate for his hateful tirades against people who simply disagree with him. More than that, this “tolerant” liberal proposes to use the force of the federal government, if elected to Congress, to restrict the free speech rights of people with whom he disagrees by arbitrarily designating them as “haters.” He also went on unrestrained tirades against the NRA and Fox News.

But we just report. You decide:

According to the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, in a recent campaign speech, Dickinson said that Democrats “don’t judge,” that the party is “open,” and added . . .

judging people by outdated stereotypes is exactly what Democrats are supposed to be against.

Nothing like a good bit of hypocrisy and double-standard to go with your foot-in-mouth. The same article noted that 7th district Democrats were ready to vote for “no candidate” rather than nominate Dickinson if no one else entered the race. That speaks volumes.

Another question: Where’s the media? It went bonkers on the orders of — excuse me, a “news release” by — Planned Parenthood over a pro-life politician’s Facebook posting, which did nothing but sarcastically use a term for pregnant women the abortion industry frequently uses.  The lack of understanding of irony is beyond belief — Planned Parenthood was making a point it doesn’t even agree with, i.e., that pregnant women are mothers, yet the media tried to excoriate the lawmaker.

Now, we have a left wing politician using social media to attack a woman and we issued a press release. But no phone calls, no interviews. “War On Women” anyone? Here’s the news release:

Democrat Candidate Attacks Family Foundation on Twitter

Organization Demands Democrat Leaders Distance Themselves from Statement

RICHMOND – The Family Foundation of Virginia today called on Democrat leaders Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe to distance themselves from inflammatory statements by Mike Dickinson, a Democrat running for Congress against Representative Eric Cantor.

“As the Democratic party continues to seek to silence any opinion in America that they oppose through the IRS, bullying the news media and threatening free speech, we now have yet another Democrat candidate for office who clearly has not read the First Amendment of the Constitution or has no intention of applying it to all Americans,” said Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation of Virginia. “Regardless of one’s position on controversial issues, the idea of candidates for office threatening American citizens with the awesome power of the federal government for simply exercising their fundamental constitutional rights to speak out on controversial issues is chilling. We call on Virginia Democrat leaders like Tim Kaine, Mark Warner and Terry McAuliffe to distance themselves from this candidate and his inflammatory, hateful rhetoric.”

A lot has been made by Democrats this session, from the governor on down, of the “Virginia Way.” We’re wondering if this is what they mean. Meanwhile, we’ll wait for their statements — and their explanation of “tolerance” — as well as the media’s coverage of it all.

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11 Responses to “Media Ignores “Tolerant” Democrat Congressional Candidate’s Hateful Twitter Attack On TFF”

  1. M Mirabelle says:

    It was wrong for Mr Dickinson to call Ms Cobb a Grand Wizard. That’s a reference to the KKK of course. Regardless of how strident TFF’s political positions are, and how much they try to discriminate against entire groups of Virginians, TFF does not lynch gay people or burn crosses on pro-choicers’ front lawns. It was an ugly thing to say and TFF is right to complain.

    That being said, TFF should move on from this non-issue quickly. Harping on it makes TFF look silly, almost as if they sense they are losing their relevancy in real issues. Using webspace to preach a grammar and punctuation lesson? Now that’s grasping at straws. C’mon TFF, you’re getting beat up this year on the issues that matter. Is this all you’ve got?

    • I can make a fake name, too says:

      I checked NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and Planned Parenthood’s website to see if you’d shared similar concerns regarding their tizzy fits following 10 words from Sen. Martin’s clearly sarcastic 500 word Facebook post. Couldn’t find anything. Get on it.

      • M Mirabelle says:

        Hello friend! Thank you for your comment.

        I did not comment about these organizations because I agreed with their positions that Mr Martin’s comments were inappropriate.

        My suggestion is that politicians and political lobby groups such as TFF avoid sarcasm in their media releases. Sarcasm doesn’t always translate clearly through print media, and often the use of sarcasm just gives your political opponents a weapon to use against your cause. It too easily makes the user look petty and even poorly informed, as if they have nothing better, more substantial to say in defense of their opinions.

        Ask yourself: is TFF here to crack jokes or to influence public policy? If it’s the former, then TFF is doing great work nowadays. If it’s the latter, then TFF has some major organizational restructuring to think about.

        Peace in Him,

        M Mirabelle

    • familyfoundation says:

      MM: Regarding the grammar criticism . . . you do recognize sarcasm, don’t you? Maybe the word “Seriously” leading the paragraph after the “grammar lesson” should have tipped you off. Further, who is dwelling on this issue? Do you expect an organization to be called such heinous names and not reply? We replied solely to point out the double-standard in the media and among the Left. – Steve, The Admin

      • M Mirabelle says:

        Hi Steve! Thank you for your comments.

        Political organizations hurt themselves when they allow staff to succumb to less-than-professional publications, especially online. It’s hard to avoid no doubt! There is a lot of snarky-ness out there and it’s tempting to reply in kind. TFF needs to remain vigilant against this. The way individual staffers present themselves online reflects on the entire organization.

        TFF represents an important point of view in the ongoing public dialogue in our state. Now, more than ever, TFF needs to take the high road and step up their game. TFF should be justifying their positions on women’s health and gay rights by using factual data and cogent, indisputable legal reasoning. Recently, however, TFF has been succumbing to the temptation to post poorly thought out ideas, unsubstantiated claims, and even some snarky, glib remarks in their media releases and online posts. The tone of your reply above even reflects this. And that’s one reason why TFF has been losing ground on these issues recently. Carrying on about somebody’s use of apostrophes is not going to win the public over to TFFs opinions. This is what TFF needs to focus on if they want to pass policies and impact elections they way they aspire to. Does TFF want to be an effective lobbying firm again, or have they become content simply to take Christian people’s donations in exchange for spewing mere silliness?

  2. familyfoundation says:

    MM: You say you agreed with PP’s remarks but if you read what they sent Senator Martin — and he published what they sent him — you would know that PP was a lot more biting and sarcastic than we ever are. Furthermore, as I stated, we are defending ourselves against attack by a candidate for federal office (we are a state policy organization). PP INITIATED an attack on Sen. Martin. So, quite frankly, you’re showing another double standard. If you oppose that type of discourse, you would, as the other reader suggested, publicly criticize them for attacking Sen. Martin.

    Lastly, we are not a legal group. We are a public policy organization. I don’t think we’ve lost any legislative effectiveness. If we had, and were as irrelevant as you indicate, the Left would have no reason to attack us. Also, your side would have won all sorts of repeals of laws we have helped pass over the years. So far, only a single federal judge has ruled on marriage in Va. Our track record legislatively is, and remains, very effective. – Steve, The Admin

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