Pass A Clean Budget! Sign The Petition.


March 11, 2014

As was predicted for weeks, the General Assembly was not be able to come to an agreement on a state budget prior to leaving Richmond on Saturday. Governor Terry McAuliffe and a majority of senators have made adopting a budget contingent on expanding Obamacare, putting Virginia’s economic well-being at risk.

Already, far-left organizations like are spending millions of dollars to rhetorically assault legislators taking a stand against Obamacare. We need to counter the Left’s efforts by doing all we can to stand with those lawmakers who are standing for us!

One simple way you can make your voice heard is by signing the petition at

Even many of those who support the expansion of Obamacare, such as the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, have urged the governor and senate to decouple the budget from that debate. Holding state government, local governments, schools and, more importantly, the taxpayers of Virginia hostage because they know they don’t have the votes to expand the failure that is Obamacare places an already fragile economy in peril.

Sixty-four members of the House of Delegates and 17 members of the Virginia Senate rejected the expansion of Obamacare. They need to know that we stand with them! Please sign the petition at so that they know you want a clean budget with no expansion of Obamacare.

It’s unfortunate, but we are seeing more and more of Washington, D.C. style politics coming to Virginia. If the Left can’t win the debate with facts and reason — which aren’t on its side — it resorts to politically motivated scare tactics and rhetorical bludgeoning. Those who understand the dire straits our Republic is in because of our ever growing $17 trillion debt are painted as “uncaring” and not in favor of health care for those who are disadvantaged! The truth is that Medicaid is the least effective way of providing care to those in need and Obamacare has prevented us from having a real debate over how to fix our health care system.

The first step is to sign the petition. We are currently planning other ways by which you’ll be able to make your voice heard regarding this important issue. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days!

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13 Responses to “Pass A Clean Budget! Sign The Petition.”

  1. Charles Udriet says:

    They is nowhere on the petition website to sign anything – is there somethign wrong?

  2. familyfoundation says:

    Charles: You may want to try again. I just clicked on the link highlighted in the middle of the page after the second paragraph and it took me straight to a sign up form. You should see fields for your name, e-mail address and ZIP Code. Just fill those fields out and submit. – Steve, The Admin

  3. I clicked on the highlighted e-mail address and it did not take me to the petition. Please help me. Thank you and have a nice day.

  4. Curtis Stilwell says:

    pass the budget

  5. Murray B. Furr says:

    I must add my voice to that of Charles and Pamela. There is no place to sign. To Steve with Admin, I clicked on the addy in the middle of this page and was taken to the same screen as when I attempted to sign in like Charles and Pamela. Good Grief – is this VA’s version of the Obamacare Website? I would love to sign the petition, but it is nowhere to be found.

  6. Pass a clean budget which will be in the best interest of all Virginias not just one party.

  7. Ben Boggs says:

    I will not vote for any Democrat candidate in the nexxt election.

  8. David W. Pickett says:

    Government manages nothing well. Please stop the expansion of Medicaid. The US Economy can not sustain itself by providing/expanding what we give folks now. The Liberals are just trying to buy votes to keep them in power. Study the playbook of the Liberals and fight back.

  9. David W. Pickett says:

    What does awaiting moderation mean?

  10. Mary Booth says:

    Medicaid has no place in the regular budget. This would be a commitment that would forever be a part of the state budget. It should be handled as a separate bill and debated. This gives the voters a chance to know exactly how the monies would be spent.

  11. Joe Mapp says:

    The web page shows obama and mcauliffe. There is no link to the petition. This needs to be corrected!

  12. Kim cheshire says:

    Pass the budget

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