Heartless Howell?


June 27, 2014

If increased funding and access for abortion on demand isn’t a significant reason for the Left’s manic, at-all-costs madness for Obamacare Medicaid expansion in Virginia, then why has Planned Parenthood just begun a new online ad campaign to attack House Speaker William Howell’s character? Speaker Howell’s leadership and parliamentary precision (and a Senate resignation) were largely responsible for the defeat of Governor Terry McAuliffe’s single-minded attempt at an unprecedented inclusion of the federal program in the state budget.

What matter is it of the abortion industry to lobby for taxpayer funded health care and medical treatment for the poor (which, by the way, is defined as 138 percent above the poverty line)? Perhaps I’m asking the wrong questions. Since Planned Parenthood spent millions of dollars on behalf of his election, the question might be, How high does Governor McAuliffe have to jump when Planned Parenthood barks?  

Ads such as these state Speaker Howell is denying 400,000 Virginians from receiving health care (and worse). While those claims are dubious, he is in fact saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and limiting the growth of a stifling government.

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6 Responses to “Heartless Howell?”

  1. Grace Smith says:

    State. Not Stat.

    • familyfoundation says:

      Thanks, Grace. Corrected. This post also needed updating because the image was no longer available and therefore disappeared. I found another one from the abortion industry that makes the same misleading claim. – Steve, The Admin

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