Happy Earth Day, Part 2

April 23, 2014 | No comments

If you liked the pro-life art  in my post yesterday about the hypocrisy of environmentalists loving God’s Earth, but not God’s creatures made in His own image, then you will love this fantastic roadside mountain sculpture in Columbia. For the … Read more>

Happy Earth Day (Or, Pretend I’m A Tree And Save Me)

April 22, 2014 | 2 comments

Today is Earth Day, the day when assorted folk, both the well meaning and the just plain mean, get together to celebrate the beauty of our planet — God’s creation (though many of the mean won’t acknowledge even that, but … Read more>

Liberals: “Purge The Christians!”

April 21, 2014 | 1 comment

We often write about the straw men, hypocrisy and double standards of the Left when it comes to various issues. It accuses its opponents of doing what it itself does in order to misdirect the public away from its own … Read more>

Happy Tax Day!

April 15, 2014 | 4 comments

Today is (federal) Tax Day. (Virginia income taxes are not due until May 1, although many prepare and pay both on this day.) Americans are working longer than ever to earn the money it takes to pay their share of … Read more>

Make Them All Squeal

April 8, 2014 | 1 comment

If only we had such pols in Virginia. Joannie Ernst, an Iowa Senator, is running for the U.S. Senate in a crowded Republican primary. Trailing badly, she now has momentum, recognition and possibly drawn an inside straight to the nomination Read more>

And The Answer Is . . . Dept. Of Health Finally Responds To FOIA Request, Says It Has No Documents Responsive To Request

March 21, 2014 | 3 comments

The waiting is over. The Department of Health finally replied, well after the legal deadline and after a petition filed in Richmond Circuit Court, to a Freedom of Information Act request by The Family Foundation of Virginia. The request asked … Read more>

TFF Takes Department Of Health Complaint To Board Of Health At Today’s Meeting

March 20, 2014 | 2 comments

What happens when you can’t get good customer service? Typically, you ask for the person’s manager. In effect, that’s what happened today when The Family Foundation, after receiving stone cold silence from the Department of Health in reply to a Freedom of … Read more>

Liberal Logic (Again)

March 18, 2014 | 3 comments

It may not be fair, but I can’t resist. The Left simply has a problem when it comes to articulating a case for abortion. In short, it cannot do it. The reason is pretty simple — the indefensible cannot be … Read more>

Moving Pictures The Abortion Industry Wants Censored

March 17, 2014 | 3 comments

Governor McAuliffe Signs Key Scholarship Bill, Other Bills Waiting His Action

March 14, 2014 | 3 comments

While the General Assembly adjourned, temporarily, last Saturday, legislation remains in the pipeline, awaiting Governor Terry McAuliffe’s signature, amendment or veto. There is good news on one important bill, however, while we wait on his action on others.

First, the … Read more>