Since our founding, The Family Foundation has sought to enhance the value of human life through increased restrictions on elective abortion and greater information and support for mothers who find themselves wrestling with an unplanned pregnancy.  While saving human life has been the chief objective, measures that not only save unborn life but also provide to these children greater legal status as individuals should be given priority.  Protecting the rights of faith-based organizations that provide financial support to women facing crisis pregnancies and do not have the means to support them has been another priority.

The Family Foundation works from the belief that human life from fertilization to natural death is sacred, and the right to life is foundational to all other rights.

What we are doing:

  • Protecting women by Criminalizing Coerced Abortion | some estimate that between 30 and 60 percent of women who undergo an abortion feel coerced in some way. Coercing a woman into an abortion through force, threat or intimidation should be criminalized.
  • Fighting Embryonic Stem Cell Research | the taxpayers of Virginia should not be asked to subsidize or support unethical and failed research that requires the destruction of human embryos. If the Commonwealth is going to invest, it should do so in businesses that use adult stem cells where research has produced dozens of treatments and cures.
  • Protecting End of Life Decisions | public policy should protect human life at its most vulnerable point, including those who are nearing the end of life.
  • Supporting Life Saving Ministries| organizations that support women facing an unplanned pregnancy should be encouraged and rewarded.
  • Increase Access to and Encourage Adoption | adoption is an incredibly wonderful, yet difficult journey.  Law should not impede adoption, and should encourage, promote and strengthen adoption programs.