News Clips 1-15-14


January 16, 2014

Virginia lawmaker seeks to clarify education law on religious exemptions

House Republicans want to reduce number of SOL tests

Virginia lawmakers table proposed repeal of constitutional ban on gay marriage

Coleman to seek recount this week in tight state Senate race

Virginia to take on free speech bill

Va. Senate Democrats raised money while prohibited

Cuccinelli issues opinions on gay marriage, abortion

Judge strikes down Oklahoma’s marriage amendment

Sexual assaults in military often target men

McAuliffe urges Virginians to seek ‘common ground’

Newly minted governor opens term with short list of goals

McAuliffe learns the ‘Virginia Way’

Jones takes over on House money panel

Did Virginia Democrats snatch defeat from jaws of victory?

Public Virtue in a Republic: The Starting Point for a Common Core

Why do we support marriage as a union of one man and one woman?

Marriage Matters, and Redefining It Has Social Costs

Can you guess what happens to teen pregnancy rates when planned parenthood leaves town?

Premature newborn comes back to life in mother’s arms after pronounced dead

General Assembly Primer: A Brief Explanation Of What We Lobbyists Do

What Would You Do With 8 Minutes?


Did You See The Headline In Today’s Paper?

#Distraction: Family Foundation Reaction To Today’s Pro-Abortion, Homosexual Rights News Conferences

Best Of The Blog:

With Control Of The Senate At Stake, Over The Top Wexton Ad May Cause Blowback For Dems

Restitution For Eugenics Victims Tops TFF’s Legislative Agenda

Hundreds Attend Virginia Stands For Life Rally, Send Huge Message To General Assembly! #VAStands4Life14

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