News Clips 2-28-14


February 28, 2014

* The Curious Mr. Dickinson (Bearing Drift)

Media Ignores “Tolerant” Democrat Congressional Candidate’s Hateful Twitter Attack on TFF (Family Foundation Blog)

Senate Democrats offer Medicaid audit (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Equal Rights Amendment rejected again in Va. House (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Religious Liberty Bill Passes House, Education Bills Pass Senate Committee (Family Foundation Blog)

Assembly confirms McAuliffe cabinet appointments (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

VA Attorney General speaks on same-sex marriage case (Article and Video:

Warranted or not school prayer raises temperatures (Opinion: Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

A Gamble Virginia Shouldn’t Take (Editorial: Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

VA Republican leaders call on GOP party treasurer to resign over Facebook post (Washington Post)

New CBS News, NY Times Poll: 61 Percent Favor Restrictions On Abortion Or Outright Ban (Family Foundation Blog)

Planned Parenthood reveals big 2014 game plan (

Sabato: Polls look good for GOP to gain seats, control Senate (

NO H8! Enraged Leftists stalk Christian author of AZ Religious Freedom Bill (The Gateway Pundit)

Arizona gets it right, NY Times gets it wrong again (The Foundry Blog/

Best Of The Blog:

Governor McAuliffe Has Kept One Promise: He’s NOT Reading The Bills!

At 12 Weeks Babies Have . . .

Manufactured Abortion Outrage

Can’t Wait For The 2013 Statistics . . .



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