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Preserving Virginia’s Foundation

The mission of The Family Foundation is to empower Virginia families by applying a biblical worldview and founding principles to culture and public policy. The organization seeks to establish through citizen advocacy and enactment of Virginia law a safe, prosperous and wholesome climate for families. All of its public policy decisions are based on the principles of life, marriage, parental authority, constitutional government and religious liberty.

Founded in 1985, The Family Foundation has steadily grown to become the largest and most influential Virginia-based organization of its kind. The Family Foundation now resides in downtown Richmond, just a few hundred feet from the state Capitol and General Assembly Building. Today, The Family Foundation comprises a full-time professional staff in Richmond, coordinating grassroots efforts of a network of tens of thousands of pro-family, citizen activists throughout Virginia. The organization is wholly supported through the voluntary generosity of Virginians, their churches, businesses, foundations and civic organizations.

In our history, The Family Foundation has established a reputation among Virginia lawmakers for extensive research capabilities and in-depth analysis of prospective legislation. By researching issues, educating lawmakers, providing critical data, research and analysis, and coordinating statewide support for positive initiatives designed to enhance the culture in Virginia, The Family Foundation has become an important asset for members of the Virginia General Assembly.

Our values have a voice. The Family Foundation’s work starts at home with the family, equipping parents and youth with a variety of networks and resources so they can plug into important values issues. Communities benefit by the Family Foundation’s pro-family perspective in the media, as well as local briefings, nationally-renowned speakers, and published educational materials. In Richmond, the Family Foundation is your advocate for pro-family values in the General Assembly, strategizing with elected officials and testifying in legislative committee meetings.

Non-profit and non-partisan, The Family Foundation of Virginia is the Commonwealth’s oldest and most influential pro-family advocacy organization, having celebrated dozens of pro-family victories in its history.

The Family Foundation and Family Foundation Action have also seen electoral success.

The Family Foundation Action produces one of the most sought after political documents in Virginia, the General Assembly Report Card. Released every two years, this voter education document reveals how legislators actually voted on key values related proposals. In 2009, more than 100,000 Report Cards were distributed.


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Victoria Cobb, President
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Chris Freund, VP, Government Relations and Communications
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Roger Pogge, Grassroots Director
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Jessica Cochrane, Executive Vice President
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Jackee Gonzalez, Grassroots Coordinator
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Marie Edwards, Development Coordinator
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Erica Newman, Event Coordinator
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